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09:42 pm: Thanks For The Episodes! And also, more about SOVA
Thank you so much for sending me those two Battle Frontier episodes!! ^_^

That was so nice of you, Matty-chan (or DonkeyKongSong/HunterSteele, whatever you want to be called).

Anyway, I'm so happy now that I've seen those episodes.

As for what I thought of "Queen of the Serpentine" and "Off The Unbeaten Path"?

Well, this is my review of both episodes.

The battle that Ash had with the Frontier Brain, Queen Lucy was great, and I really loved his strategy. The only complaint that I have is with Ash's emotion-less, bad voice. It makes me want to cry, every time I watch an Ash centered Battle Frontier episode. ;_;

Anyway, I enjoyed the orienteering episode more because it wasn't focused on Ash. Of course, I still hate the fact that, even with a non-Ash centered episode like that one, it still has that awful Ash voice in it. And it still lessens my enjoyment of the episode overall (gee, thanks Pokemon USA for ruining season 9 for me!!).

What's with Sarah? Can't she make Ash seem real, like Veronica?

Or is she just unfit to voice Ash? I think that's the case, because if she's practiced a lot (and most VAs do), then I'm sure she would've improved greatly by now. And I know I would've seen that improvement in these episodes.

But, really, if THAT is her idea of improvement, then I'm sorry. That won't cut it. To this day, I'm still not seeing any emotion. There's just nothing there.

In my opinion, Ash still has no emotion in his voice, and that voice Sarah is giving him is STILL generic sounding, and he still sounds like a girl sometimes. That voice just sucks, overall. It's awful, and I hate that it's coming from Ash. X_X

I can't take this anymore! We have to get Veronica Taylor back!

If we don't do something soon to help SOVA succeed, then Ash will be stuck with that horrible voice all throughout season 9 and maybe even season 10 (D/P) as well. I can't let that happen.

Even if I have to ask Veronica to work for TAJ/Pokemon USA myself, I'll do it. I will do anything to fix Pokemon USA's horrible mistake, and make sure Ash sounds like he should sound (alive, and like a real person).

Over on the SOVA forums, many of the members have been saying it would be a good idea to get at least one of the VAs to "jump ship" and say they'll work for TAJ. They figure if we can get Veronica (or Maddie, or someone else) to do that, then the other VAs will "jump ship" as well. Then if TAJ/Pokemon USA agrees to use them, we'll have all the original VAs back on the show again (that would be awesome!!).

And just so everyone knows, I have close contacts with Veronica Taylor. I've sent her many emails, and she's replied to all of them. She always tries to reply back to me (unless she's busy with her voice acting work or something). So I'm confident that I could get a reply from her.

The only question would be, how I'd word something like that......

That would definitely be the hardest part, because it could make or break our situation here, depending on what kind of answer I get (hopefully, it will be a positive answer, one that we've all been looking for).

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Date:October 24th, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
At this point, you can call me Matty-chan, or just Matty, or Matty with another Japanese suffix on the end. My original internet s/n was Donkey Kong Song b/c my sister was ripping music from a CD by the band ABBA and while ripping the "King Kong Song", she renamed it to "Donkey Kong Song", but nowadays, I'm not as into DK or ABBA as I was back then (or video games and music in general). I wanted to be called Matt, but I got the nickname Matty and as I got more into anime I was more into Japanese culture so I became Matty-chan, but some still called me Matty or added a different suffix. So yeah, call me whatever of those you want.

Awww, it was nothing! I download the series every week, so if I didn't share it with you I'd feel selfish. That and I knew how much you loved Pokémon and how good of a friend you've been to me since the day we met... and when I saw your last post I just couldn't resist. I love you! (as a friend)

I really hope it works! I wish you all the luck in the world! *hugs for good luck*

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