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10:26 pm: My Birthday!!
Well today's my birthday!!

Yay!!!! :D

And I'm now officially 20.

Of course, I don't feel 20 at all. Heh, I feel more like 14 or 15. XD

I had the chance to go home for Thanksgiving (thanks to one of my college friends). My mom got me a birthday cake. It was my favorite, chocolate. ^^

I made a wish. And of course I didn't tell anyone what it was, so I'm really hoping that it will come true.

(though, if you know me well enough, then you probably already know what my wish is anyway, lol)

I haven't received all my money yet. My aunt is sending me something in the mail.

With the money I did get though, I bought an MP3 player, a Pokemon Game Boy Advance Video (the one with "For Ho-oh The Bells Toll" and "A Hot Water Battle"), and some Pokemon cards.

And as soon as I get the money from my aunt, I'll buy the two Master Quest DVD box sets. I've been wanting to get those for a really long time. *loves Master Quest*

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Date:December 1st, 2006 12:30 pm (UTC)

Congrats for your birthday! Sorry I'm late to know that.

Hello again, Lisa. In case you don't remember me, I'm Infinix. My username is different because the name Infinix is already used by another user.

Congratulations for the 20th birthday of yours. Nov 26, right? That's only 9 days after my dad's birthday.

By the way, how is the SOVA progress going? I'm sending mails whenever possible, but I don't feel like they would read them.
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Date:December 26th, 2006 09:16 am (UTC)

Re: Congrats for your birthday! Sorry I'm late to know that.

Oh, hi Infinix! Of course I remember you! ^^

Anyway, as far as SOVA goes, we are still trying to get Pokemon USA's attention by mailing them letters. In fact, we started a Christmas Wish List campaign a while back. I'm hoping that Pokemon USA/TAJ might actually grant SOVA's wish for us, especially if they're in the gift-giving holiday spirit of Christmas and would like to do something special for us.

Also, don't stop sending them emails. I think that actually DOES help us, and I'm certain that Pokemon USA tries to read most, if not all the emails that they recieve from fans. I mean, it wouldn't be a good idea if a company like Pokemon USA would just delete any fans' messages, because then they wouldn't know how to improve themselves and become a better company.
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