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January 1st, 2010

05:43 am: Happy New Year
Yay! It's a new year! Happy 2010, everyone!! ^____^

And since it's a new year, I've (randomly) decided to update my LJ. W00t!! XD

Best things to happen to me in 2009:

1 - I met some of my online friends in real-life.
2 - Went to New York City for the first time.
3 - Got to attend New York Comic Con.
4 - Got to meet the incredibly talented voice actors of Pokemon, including my favorite voice actress, Veronica Taylor (and she knew me online because we had exchanged emails, so she was just as happy to meet me as I was to meet her!! =D)
5 - I had an awesome time at NYCC, and I hope to attend another NY anime convention sometime soon.

So yeah, overall, I'd say that I had THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!! =D

And I'm hoping that 2010 will be just as awesome for me as 2009 was. =3

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August 14th, 2008

08:31 am: I'm Gonna Attend NYAF!!!! (for real this time)
Okay, guys. You know how for the past two years, I've been having trouble getting to New York Anime Festival?

Well, guess what! This year, one of my best friends from SOVA is gonna help me out with my transportation problem.

If everything goes as planned, and it's definitely looking that way right now - in September, I'll be hopping on a plane to NYAF (and meeting up with my friend, Rachel in NYC). Actually, she has asked her mom about this already, and she said there wouldn't be any problem with sending me a plane ticket. Isn't that awesome? Wow, I'm actually gonna attend the con!! *jumps up and down excitedly*

If this really does happen and it's 100% confirmed by both my parents, I'll be SO HAPPY! It'll be the happiest days of my life! (I'm not kidding) XD

I even talked to my mom about this already and she doesn't have a problem with it. In fact, all my mom has to do is talk with my dad soon, and get him to agree with her (which won't be a problem, since I'll be getting a job very soon, hehe). So pretty much, all I have to do now is get a job. There's no doubt about that, I'll DEFINITELY be geting a job soon. All I have to do is talk to someone at a random retail place and I'm sure they'll hire me...And once that happens, then I'll save up every bit of money I earn, so that I can afford the price of hotel, the weekend pass, food and such.

But anyway, yeah, things are FINALLY looking up for me! Hopefully, if things go as planned, I'll be able to meet my favorite VA, Veronica Taylor at NYAF. <3<3<3<3<3<3

I'm sure that Veronica would be very happy to meet me, especially after everything I've done in SOVA to get her back on Pokemon again. And speaking of SOVA, we've been making excellent progress with our campaign! We've gotten many new members lately, and everyone is has been very active in the projects, sending emails, making phone calls, and sending stuff to Pokemon USA/DuArt. And oh yeah, I wrote this awesome letter, so my friend Pokeyug printed it out and he's gonna give it to the *president* of The Pokemon Company at the TCG Worlds event. I hope he can understand my letter! It was really well written and everyone in SOVA loved it! I have received so much praise for it!! =D

You know, every day, I feel like we're getting closer and closer to having Veronica and the other VAs back on Pokemon. That's just a feeling I've had lately, because for the first time in a while I actually feel really happy and hopeful about everything. ^^

Heh, you guys won't believe this. Just the other day, I ordered Pokemon Christmas Bash from amazon.com - I've been looking everywhere for that CD and they don't sell it in stores near me. I'm so glad I could finlly buy it! I can't wait until that CD arrives, so I can hear Ash sing! Eeeeee!! <3<3

Oh yeah, and as luck would have it, someone from Bulbagarden was selling a bunch of her anime stuff. So, I've arranged to buy a Pokemon poster (which has Ash on it) from her, and something else I've always watned - an original Ash hat (his Kanto/Johto one). And get this, it's not a fan-made hat either! It's an OFFICIAL Ash hat! The one they used to sell in stores during the "fad" days of Pokemon! OMG, I can't believe my luck!! Usually my luck is horrible, but apparently not this month. LOL. XD XD XD!!

I mean, this is so weird, how good my luck's been lately. It's as if I'm dreaming all of this, but I'm not. XD And omg, TrainerRachel is SO generous to send me a plane ticket! The best part is that when I receive this plane ticket, and once I have enough money for the con - my dad will HAVE to agree with my mom about this! Because at that point, there's no way he could object to me going! Hehehehe. =D

Oh my god, this is so awesome! I'm going to NYAF, and it's almost confirmed!! Yay!!!! XD

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April 18th, 2008

07:03 am: Special Ash lines? For me!? OMG!!!!
Well, I was talking to one of my friends in the SPP (Serebii) chat last night.

As it turns out, she (he? I'm not sure, their username is Kiryu) - anyway, she's going to NY Comic Con. And I asked her to do a HUGE favor for me! XD

When my friend goes to Veronica's panel/booth, she's gonna use her cell phone to record some NEW Ash lines for me! ^_^

1) First line will be dedicated to me, since I've been unable to attend a NY con or meet Veronica for myself (and I keep having the WORST luck too, as everyone knows). Anyway, my friend's gonna give Veronica the following details: My name is Lisa, I'm from WV, and I'm a member of SOVA. But unfortunately, I was unable to attend the con or get a chance to meet you. Then after hearing this, Veronica will probably come up with an awesome, new Ash line on her own (like I've seen her do in many videos on YouTube).

2) Second line will be her Ash laugh - OMG! I LOVE it when Ash laughs! That is SO CUTE! Eeeeee!! I've heard Veronica's real laugh before as well, and I honestly think she puts much of her own individual laugh into Ash's laugh. I think it's amazing the way she can do that! ^_^

3) Third, 4th, 5th (and as many as my friend can get) - these lines will consist of Ash react/reaction lines. I'm hoping my friend will be able to obtain more than one from Veronica, because I know those Open Mouthed React lines are difficult for VAs to perform (or so I've heard, on the audio commentary of Pokemon 4Ever - Micheal said that Veronica would have to do a "take" on that one, lol). XD But anyway, I'm pretty much obsessed with those react lines, heh. I mean, as an Ash fangirl, whenever I hear Ash say his usual "Waaaahh!" line, that always makes me go "EEEEE!" really loudly. Oh, I just can't get enough of that! XD

And that's all of my requests for Veronica. My friend said that as long as she doesn't have to attend any other signings during that time, then she will do this wonderful favor for me. <3

Of course, my friend also mentioned to me that as soon as Veronica's done recording the lines, after the scheduled panel (booth?) is finished, she will send the whole thing to my email using her phone. So this means I'll probably get my request sent to me very quickly! That is so awesome! =D

Actually, you know what, I could swear Veronica's Ash voice is magical! I think it's because of the particular sound of the voice itself. I mean, I don't know anything about how she produces her Ash voice, but omg, I love her Ash voice so much. It's so cute and sweet! And it warms my heart, it really does. <3 Although, I won't get to *see* Veronica voicing Ash, since my friend will be using the voice recorder on her phone. But at the very least, I'll get to hear some brand new Ash lines from Veronica. And even though it's not much (and it's certainly not the same as meeting Veronica in person) - still, this will be very special to me. Because this is something I never would have received otherwise. And for that, I'm always gonna appreciate what Kiryu did for me! Thank you so much! ^____^

By the way, ever since the VA switch happened, I go crazy every time I hear Veronica say any particular Ash line that happens to be NEW. Because this means, even after the switch, there's still something left for me to hear with Ash's original voice. And to me, that is something which is priceless!! You see, hearing new Ash lines has a certain affect on me, because it makes me get this incredible, special feeling inside which warms my heart and makes me so happy. This is the exact same feeling I would get from watching a new episode with the original voices! And this is something I haven't felt since I saw "Pasta La Vista" when it originally aired on KidsWB.

This is one of the main reasons I wanna meet Veronica so badly. Besides the fact that I'm an Ash fangirl and I'm one of Veronica's biggest fans - I think meeting her could be truly inspirational and meaningful for me overall. Also, it would make me feel incredibly happy times a thousand! Plus, since I've been down recently because of rough times in my life (I'm not talking about my situation with anime cons), I could really use some cheering up. And who better to do that than my favorite VA? That's the power of Veronica's Ash voice for you, it even has an amazing ability to lift people's spirits now matter how bad someone is feeling (I mean, her Ash voice can lift MY spirits, at least - not sure if I'm the only one who experiences this).

*sigh* Oh, but sadly, it seems meeting Veronica Taylor is nothing more than a dream for me, the way things have been going. I mean, I know I can't predict the future, but judging from my past track record with anime cons, things are NOT looking good! =( So, right now, all I can do is hope that those new Ash lines will do the trick. Hopefully, this will be enough to hold me over, at least until I have the chance to meet Veronica for myself someday.

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April 8th, 2008

11:12 am: Anyone going to New York Comic Con?
Hello everyone!

Um yeah, I'm not big on LJ's anymore. I use AIM, MSN, Mirc, and forums more often now, as they're much easier for me to communicate with people. ^_^

Anyway, I'm planning to attend New York Comic Con, since two of my favorite voice actors - Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis - are attending this con. NYCC is gonna be held April 18th to 20th.

I'm almost positive I'll have enough money, since my tax refund should be coming in soon. However, I'm having trouble getting transportation, since I don't know anyone in my state (West Virginia) who is attending this con. I would really appreciate it if anyone who's driving to New York Comic Con would be willing to pick me up/arrange transportation with me somehow.

My AIM is: Prin0c7ess

My MSN is: lisaml@charter.net

And my email address is: iloveashketchum@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for reading this message!! ^_^

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December 31st, 2006

11:43 pm: Happy New Year!!!!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!

Well, it's almost a new year. And I can't wait!!!!!! ^_^

2006 was a terrible year for me, mostly cause I kept having bad luck with things, like school and stuff. LOL. XD

Here's to hoping that next year will indeed be my lucky year, especially with SOVA. ^^

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December 26th, 2006

04:53 am: Merry Christmas everyone!!
Oh my goodness, time sure does fly huh? It's been a whole month since my last update.

I'm terrible at keeping journals, lol. XD

Anyway though, for those people who celebrate Christmas, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas this year!! I hope everyone received many wonderful gifts. ^^

Also, someone posted this picture in the Ash Club on Bulbagarden:


Anyway though, as for me, well I don't really celebrate Christmas. The reason why is because my family happens to be Jewish, so we have Hannukah instead, lol. ^^o

However, my mom's side of the family does celebrate Christmas, so in a way, we sorta celebrate it. Every Christmas, we go over to my grandma's house to eat, talk, and open up our presents together. ^_^

On another note, I now have enough money to afford a Nintendo Wii!! Now the only problem is actually finding a store that has it IN STOCK (lol). I swear, it seems like everywhere I go around my area, I can never find a store that has Wii's. Of course, that might've been just because it was close to Christmas and everything, and everyone knows the sales are very high during that time of year.

Anyway though, now that Christmas is over, today I'm hoping that I will finally be able to buy my Nintendo Wii. And if I still have no luck, I'll try tomorrow and then the next day and so on. I'm sure that at some point this week, I will have a chance to buy a Nintendo Wii.

I just can't wait to play it!! It looks like so much fun!!!! ^______^

And by the way, for those of you wondering what's going on with SOVA lately, well we started a Christmas Wish List campaign. Basically, we sent letters to Pokemon USA, saying that the only thing we wanted for Christmas was to have the original VAs back on Pokemon for season 10. We decided to this because, if Pokemon USA were actually in the generous, kind, and gift-giving spirits of Christmas, they might actually grant our wish for us. Afterall, you never know what might happen, and us SOVA members, well we have a lot of faith and confidence in our campaign.

I mean, we're determined now more than ever, and there's no stopping us. We really do believe that we can get through to Pokemon USA, and we can actually convince them to get the original VAs back on Pokemon. It may seem like an impossible task to most people, but in our hearts, we think we can pull it off.

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November 26th, 2006

10:26 pm: My Birthday!!
Well today's my birthday!!

Yay!!!! :D

And I'm now officially 20.

Of course, I don't feel 20 at all. Heh, I feel more like 14 or 15. XD

I had the chance to go home for Thanksgiving (thanks to one of my college friends). My mom got me a birthday cake. It was my favorite, chocolate. ^^

I made a wish. And of course I didn't tell anyone what it was, so I'm really hoping that it will come true.

(though, if you know me well enough, then you probably already know what my wish is anyway, lol)

I haven't received all my money yet. My aunt is sending me something in the mail.

With the money I did get though, I bought an MP3 player, a Pokemon Game Boy Advance Video (the one with "For Ho-oh The Bells Toll" and "A Hot Water Battle"), and some Pokemon cards.

And as soon as I get the money from my aunt, I'll buy the two Master Quest DVD box sets. I've been wanting to get those for a really long time. *loves Master Quest*

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November 17th, 2006

09:36 pm: A Great Day!!
Wow, I am so happy and hyper today!! ^_^

Okay, so tonight at the Anime Club, it was like a reunion or something. Because Wolfie randomy showed up again. I was so surprised to see him! I was like "OMG! It's Wolfie! I'm so happy to see you!". He actually graduated from AIP, so we don't get to see him at the club anymore. He's been making a few, random appearences here and there though. So I'm glad that he comes to see us sometimes. ^^

But that's not all, I also noticed that David, our old techie (computer tech guy) from 3 quarters ago, actually showed up too. XD

Anyway though, tonight we watched Angelic Layer, GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka, and we finished watching Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi.

And now that I've seen all the episodes, I can finally say that Abenobashi is one of the BEST anime series I have ever seen.

It's funny and mostly random, but it has a good storyline too. There's also many, many parodies in this series. Of course, I also like the characters too.

My favorite character in the show is Sashi because 1. He's VERY funny! 2. He has a cute dub voice XD 3. Although his nickname is Sashi and he's referred to that name in most of the episodes, his actual name is Satoshi (OMG! That's just like Ash!) XD

Anyway, that's enough about Abenobashi......

On another subject, I feel bad that I won't be going home for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, my sister is having surgery, so my parents won't be able to pick me up.

This will be the first time I'll be away from home and my family on Thanksgiving, and also my birthday. My birthday is actually on the 26th, which is next Sunday.

However, I'm sure I won't be the only person not going home for Thanksgiving. Maybe some of my friends at the dorms will be in the same position as me.

Also, Kyle gave me a birthday present already (lol). I haven't opened it though, cause I plan on opening it either on my birthday, or if I'm really anxious, the day before. XD

I can't wait till my parents transfer my birthday money to my bank account. Once they do that, I'll go crazy buying stuff online from the Pokemon Center. XD

Yes, I can finally get both Master Quest DVD box sets! And I can FINALLY get one of those Ash figures I've been wanting! =D

Of course, on a more sentimental note, the only thing I'd really want for my birthday isn't a material thing. In fact, it isn't even a thing at all, it's a "who". Instead of getting money, or a bunch of Pokemon related stuff for my birthday, I'd like to have the original voice actors back on Pokemon. Veronica, Eric, Maddie, and Rachel, they all mean much more to me than anything. That is why I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure they return. I WILL make it happen. SOVA can do it. I have faith in us and our campaign. I just know it will happen.

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October 23rd, 2006

09:42 pm: Thanks For The Episodes! And also, more about SOVA
Thank you so much for sending me those two Battle Frontier episodes!! ^_^

That was so nice of you, Matty-chan (or DonkeyKongSong/HunterSteele, whatever you want to be called).

Anyway, I'm so happy now that I've seen those episodes.

As for what I thought of "Queen of the Serpentine" and "Off The Unbeaten Path"?

Well, this is my review of both episodes.

The battle that Ash had with the Frontier Brain, Queen Lucy was great, and I really loved his strategy. The only complaint that I have is with Ash's emotion-less, bad voice. It makes me want to cry, every time I watch an Ash centered Battle Frontier episode. ;_;

Anyway, I enjoyed the orienteering episode more because it wasn't focused on Ash. Of course, I still hate the fact that, even with a non-Ash centered episode like that one, it still has that awful Ash voice in it. And it still lessens my enjoyment of the episode overall (gee, thanks Pokemon USA for ruining season 9 for me!!).

What's with Sarah? Can't she make Ash seem real, like Veronica?

Or is she just unfit to voice Ash? I think that's the case, because if she's practiced a lot (and most VAs do), then I'm sure she would've improved greatly by now. And I know I would've seen that improvement in these episodes.

But, really, if THAT is her idea of improvement, then I'm sorry. That won't cut it. To this day, I'm still not seeing any emotion. There's just nothing there.

In my opinion, Ash still has no emotion in his voice, and that voice Sarah is giving him is STILL generic sounding, and he still sounds like a girl sometimes. That voice just sucks, overall. It's awful, and I hate that it's coming from Ash. X_X

I can't take this anymore! We have to get Veronica Taylor back!

If we don't do something soon to help SOVA succeed, then Ash will be stuck with that horrible voice all throughout season 9 and maybe even season 10 (D/P) as well. I can't let that happen.

Even if I have to ask Veronica to work for TAJ/Pokemon USA myself, I'll do it. I will do anything to fix Pokemon USA's horrible mistake, and make sure Ash sounds like he should sound (alive, and like a real person).

Over on the SOVA forums, many of the members have been saying it would be a good idea to get at least one of the VAs to "jump ship" and say they'll work for TAJ. They figure if we can get Veronica (or Maddie, or someone else) to do that, then the other VAs will "jump ship" as well. Then if TAJ/Pokemon USA agrees to use them, we'll have all the original VAs back on the show again (that would be awesome!!).

And just so everyone knows, I have close contacts with Veronica Taylor. I've sent her many emails, and she's replied to all of them. She always tries to reply back to me (unless she's busy with her voice acting work or something). So I'm confident that I could get a reply from her.

The only question would be, how I'd word something like that......

That would definitely be the hardest part, because it could make or break our situation here, depending on what kind of answer I get (hopefully, it will be a positive answer, one that we've all been looking for).

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October 21st, 2006

06:33 pm: I Feel Awful

I overslept today, so I missed both new episodes of Battle Frontier.

Sure, you'd think that wouldn't be such a bad thing for me, considering that season has the horrible new voices is in it.

But, since it's Pokemon, I STILL feel bad for missing the show. Sucks, doesn't it?

I mean, I shouldn't feel bad for missing this show, I really shouldn't. But because of the fact that it's Pokemon, I DO feel bad.

I just feel so depressed right now.

Why does Cartoon Network have to keep showing TWO new episodes every Saturday? Are they nuts? What is wrong with them?

And more importantly, why do they have to wait until the WEEK AFTERWARDS to reair the two newest episodes?

This sucks, now instead of only missing 2 episodes, I have to miss 4. That's right, because I missed today's new episodes, that means I also have to miss NEXT WEEK'S episodes. Why? Because if I DO watch those episodes, then I won't understand a damn thing!!

Aww, why does Pokemon have to have so much continuation in it? Why?

If only it was an anime that didn't have that, then I wouldn't have to worry about missing an episode or two, because it would be like nothing happened.

But no, with Pokemon, you can't do that, because if you miss an episode, then in the next episode they MENTION whatever it was that you missed!! (Ash getting a badge, someone catching a Pokemon, etc)

Gee, thanks for making me feel even worse, writers/animators!!!! X_X

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